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WALT Ask Open ended Questions about Olympics Mascots and to answer fully

What does a mascot represent ?
Mascots are found in schools, sports and businesses. The word mascot means: "A person, animal or object believed to bring good luck, especially one kept as the symbol of an organization such as a sports team." A mascot symbolizes courage, strength, speed and leadership.
Has New Zealand ever had a mascot
New Zealand does not have an Olympic mascot because we  have never had the Olympics. We have an Air New Zealand mascot and lot of other mascots too.  
What was the first ever Olympics mascot?
Since the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, in France the Olympic Games had a mascot. The first major mascot in the Summer Olympic Games was, Misha in the 1980 Summer Olympics games, in Moscow. Starting with the 2010 Vancouver mascots, the Olympic and Paralympic mascots have been presented together.
What is the most popular mascot in the Olympics history
The most popular mascot is one that has not be so long ago.It is the london 2012 games mascot. The name of the london 2012 game mascots is Wenlock. Wenlock is a mascot and  a policeman with his brother.

Did the olympics mascot start when, the Olympics first started?
No The first olympics mascot was in 1968 called   Grenoble in France. And the Olympics started in 1896 in Greece. The first olympics mascot was in france Called Grenoble.
What is the mascot history?
This listing start from 2000 to this present day. The Summer Games:
The 2000 mascot was in sydney and their names were Sid.Olly and Millie.
The 2004 mascot was in Athens and their names were PHEVOS AND ATHENA.
The 2008 mascot was in Beijing and their names are BEIBEI, JINGJING, HUANHUAN, YINGYING, NINI
The 2012 mascot was in London his names was  WENLOCK.
The 2016 mascot was in Rio his name was VINICIUS

This listing start from 1998 to this present day.
The Winter Games:
The 1998 mascot was in NAGANO The mascot name is SUKKI, NOKKI, LEKKI AND TSUKKI.
The 2002 game was in  Salt lake city the name of the mascot is POWDER, COAL AND COPPER
The 2006 winter games was in Turin The names of the mascot were NEVE AND GLIZ
The 2010 winter game was in Vancouver QUATCHI AND MIGA.
The 2014 winter games was in Sochi and the names of them were THE HARE, THE POLAR BEAR AND THE LEOPARD

Introduction: After we researched about Olympic mascots we started designing and making our own mascot. It was a fun experience  and this is  how we  made it.

The Things You Need:

  • News paper
  • Balloon
  • PVA Glue
  • Paint
  • Tinfoil
  • Cardboard
  • Penilc
  • Paper
  • pen/vivid
  • Scissors

How to make a mascot?
The first step you need to do is do a plan. Think about what you are going to make it out of. What we chose was a paper mache.

The second step is get a balloon and blow it up. As soon as you have done that you paper mache it, (What is paper mache? Paper mache is newspaper ripped up and stuck on a balloon with glue.

The third thing you need to do is. Let it dry for 2 days. Once you have done that. If you have more than 1 balloon you might want to paper mache together. And Let it dry again then.

The fourth thing you need to do is paint it if you want to. Then let it dry again. And then add you bits and pieces. Then you are done making your mascot.

The next thing show how to make bit and pieces.(Legs Beak and eyes).  

Bit and pieces

If you also want to know how to make legs. The way I did it was I grab just a plain paper cardboard. The reason why I use paper cardboard it is because it is easy to folded and creased. So I rolled the paper cardboard. I used two pieces of paper cardboard. Once I rolled one of the paper cardboard I rolled the other paper cardboard.  Then I cut down the side of the cardboard  and made split pieces. I did the same with other one too. But the thing that you have to make sure is right is the height or else  it not going to stand up. Split the cardboard on both sides of the cylinder looking thing. Then strap it on. Paint the strips and you should be done after that you .  

All you need for a beak is tinfoil,Newspaper and paint. First get heaps of tinfoil. Wrap the tinfoil into a beak shape. Then place a few layers on and then paint it. Or if you want the beake to have good protection paper maches it over the tinfoil. Leave it for day for it to dry and then paint. Make sure that you have like 3 coats of paint.

Get a piece of paper draw the eye on one side of the paper. Then followed the paper and put the paper on the window so we could copy the design of it and so it looks the, same. Once done that cut it out. And stick it on the animal. Most eye ain't color in so our eye are just black and white.

What does my mascot represent

My mascot is a New Zealand Olympics seperter. His Name is wiki .He was born on the 29th of August 2006. While He is not supporting the New Zealand Olympics team. They are  their for the children Ward. The children's ward is the kids in hospital. He loves spending time with them and given gift and love. He has not had his own Olympics yet because New Zealand Is too small. But He hopes to have an Olympics. He has a brother called Toki Toki.   

The tattoos on his body represent all the people in his family and all the people he loves. The korus  represent the culture where he lives and where he from.  He is a part of our maori culture and apart of samoan culture too .   
What my mascot look like.

Here are some of the photo of how we made the mascot.
IMG_0777.JPGThis is what our mascot look like when we first made it.

About the video
The was about how we made our mascot. That was the video about how we made him. It took us about 1 ½  week.  But we finished it. Me and my buddy (Jahzaria is my buddy) was in most of the videoing. I did most of the talking because, she was either away are doing something else with her friends or shy.
Reflection on my ART: Jada
One thing that was good: The thing that was good was that it was nice and easy to make the mascot. It still took a long time to make but that was ok.
One thing I need to work on is: Actually spend so more time on our plan. And do it properly with good detail.  

Some thing my buddy need to work on is:   The things that My buddy needs to work on. Is  not to talk to her friends and stay on task.

Reflection on my ART: Jahzaria
One thing that was good: What was good was learning to paper mache the newspaper onto the balloon
One thing I need to work on is: Sticking the beak on
Some thing my buddy could work on is: Managing distractions  

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