Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thank you letter

Dear Amber
My favourite highlight was tubing down the river with Lake and Hannah. It was funny when Lake, Hannah and me started screaming because I flipped before Lake. Next minute Hannah flipped but she flipped with the tube. It looked like she was cruising down while me and Lake had to swim down. Later on me and Lake were puffing but at the same time we started laughing together.And that's the end of it I hope you enjoy my story

Thanks Amber for everything
Helpful parent at all the time
Awesome in other people's group
Noble and helpful parent at everything
Kind and you know what to do when the teacher talk and tell people that doesn't know what to do so you tell them
Supporting to everyone at camp

A lovely person in  a great team with other kids
Marvelous at fixing stuff and problems
Beautiful and kind
Encouraging parent when it comes to trouble
Resourceful at stuff and people

from Jahzaria


  1. that is really good i thank that sh will like it

  2. i really like your acrostic poem
    i think she will love your poem
    i really like your highlight