Tuesday, November 10, 2015

hangi recount

Hangi and Grandparent Recount

Grandparent Name: Pedro

A week ago the taste of a hangi was on.
I was so excited I got goose bumps because my
papa was coming. I was so happy when my papa came.
I wanted to taste the delicious hangi. Later when I saw my Koroua I got to hug him and kiss him
and when the bell rang me and my Koroua walked inside room 11. We got to introduce our grandparent. I was the second to last person
After we waited for the hangi to arrive
I was so excited. When the hangi arrive it
smelled so damn good. When they I mean
Shontae and Tianna served the hangi
to the grandparents they started to
eat it. After they served us and Room 11 got to
eat the hangi. It tasted so scrumptious
I started to eat it until it was gone but
then I had to take my Nan to the hospital
so I had to go home.

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  1. Nice job Jahzarai!!! Your next step is to persuade the reader a bit more in your writing.